Vera Essence 100% Pure Perfume


Vera Essence Perfume

Hypoallergenic * 100% Pure Perfume

Véra Essence, an essential oil-based perfume that captures the life force of nature’s most celebrated plants. An elusively captivating scent, this perfume uplifts and relaxes your mood while respecting the most delicate chemical and fragrance sensitivities. A simple whiff is enough to capture ethos of sophistication, luxury, tranquil escapism and discern the authenticity of Véra Essence’s unprecedented purity.


Ideal for mom

mom to be

Ideal for mom to be

ideal for everyone

And everyone in between

Vera Essence is designed for any one with chemical sensitivities

Vera Essence Perfume"The best cure is to prevent a need for a cure to begin with. Taking simple preventative measures is the best way to maintain optimum health, and health is what creates true beauty. It is this axiom on which all my products are formulated, including Véra Essence."...Zorica