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Vera Essence Perfume

Named After Founder’s Mother, Véra Essence Is Inspired by a Passion for Prevention and Purity

Founded in 1997, Zorica of Malibu specializes in natural bath & beauty products for those with chemical and perfume sensitivities. Since its founding, Zorica of Malibu has been awarded “Best Cosmetic Company” in the Los Angeles area four times by the U.S. Commerce Association for Small Businesses.

After a successful modeling career in Milan and London, Zorica moved to Malibu, California, determined to create a line of easy-to-use natural products that delivered visible results. After two years of research and testing, Zorica rapidly expanded her knowledge of skincare and created Zorica of Malibu, “the three simple steps to beautiful facial skin.”

In 2001, Zorica became chronically ill and discovered she was unable to use any bath or body products on the market due to her sensitivities. Zorica expanded her line to include natural bath and body products, containing absolutely no artificial perfumes or chemical fillers.

Zoricas Story


Zorica Denton

Three years ago I found my self in the hospital in an intensive care unit. After a 5 hour surgery due to exposure to toxic chemicals my life was hanging by a thread. Doctors thought that I was not going to make it. Lucky for me I beat the odds, and feel compelled to share my story, with the hope that others will make better choices about their health, and the harmful chemicals they may be applying to their skin.

Many of us read food labels carefully because we are concerned about our health, but sadly we neglect to do the same with the products we apply to our skin. Honestly, I was not aware of the toxic chemicals that were in perfumes, and personal care products and that these products are absorbed by the skin, until I nearly died from exposure to these chemicals.

This experience was a wake up call for me, and motivated me to learn more about the products I was applying to my skin...I was shocked by what I discovered from my research!

As a child I spent much of my time running through lush green meadows and majestic rolling hills, helping my mother Vera with her beautiful rose garden, that had every color of rose you can imagine. These beautiful memories remain with me today and have been an inspiration to me throughout my life.

Let Véra Essence awaken your senses and remind you how wonderful life can be!